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Sole Swap

Every long time sneakerhead comes across the moment that one of their grails is crumbling. And some sneakerheads just want to mix up a pair to make them a bit more outstanding. For these reasons Sepatu Studios is offering the sole swap service. For more information reach out to us through the contact button.

Starts at €150 


Sepatu Studio’s offers sneakers courses with the intent to start off a bespoke shoemaking career for any aspirant. This spring 2022 we offer a 8 days course for making the Iconic Nike Air Jordan 1 hi 85 that starts your base as a bespoke shoemaker. For more information hit the contact button below.

€1210 Incl VAT



Sepatu Studios is a leather craft atelier specialized in crafting bespoke footwear such as sneakers and derbys. Our Key values are:

  • Culture
    We are meant to always refer back to the origins of sneaker cultures for all the new enthusiasts of the sneaker culture.

  • Community
    Sepatu Studios is interacting with the neighborhood De Pijp and part of the Craftsman’s union MADE IN THE PIJP. We strive to maintain hand crafting professions and to ensure the livelihood of craftsmanship in this district of Amsterdam.

  • Creativity
    From making bespoke sneakers to a classic shoes collection we enhance the creativity of our students, interns and designs.

  • Craftmanship
    By creating footwear by hand we raise the emotional value and quality of shoes for our customers.


Sepatu Studios

Eerste Jan Steenstraat 83, 1072 NE Amsterdam